QelIS boqHarmey

Alice in Wonderland in Klingon

After the sensational success with the Klingon translation of “The Little Prince ", which was published in color and colorful by the publisher in 2018 and was awarded the "Deutscher Phantastik Preis" as "Best Translation" in 2019, it quickly became clear to Lieven L. Litaer and publisher Björn Sülter that the world was ready for another adventure in Klingon is!

The choice fell on Lewis Carroll's classic “Alice in Wonderland”. And that's no coincidence, as some lines from this work were quoted in the current hit series "Star Trek: Discovery", which even appeared in the Klingon subtitles on Netflix. It is also one of the main character Michael Burnham's favorite books.

Klingon teacher and author Lieven L. Litaer saw the work as a challenge of a special kind, which it is Translators of other languages have faced major hurdles because it is overflowing with hidden and obvious puns. However, in keeping with his attitude to life, he was happy to take on this challenge and once again proved that it is possible to translate such a complicated work into Klingon. The translator even created new Klingon puns that can undoubtedly be enjoyed best in the Klingon original.

But as with its predecessor, there is of course a German back translation, which is of particular interest because it is based on the Klingon version, as well as illustrations by the author. Finally, a detailed appendix explains important background information and reveals brand new vocabulary that was developed exclusively for this project. A second edition of the book, which will be published in parallel, will this time also offer an English back translation instead of the German one.

QelIS boqHarmey – Alice in Wonderland in Klingon was published by Egpyt on November 1, 2021.

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