Appearances on television

Thanks to his many years of experience as a speaker, Lieven L. Litaer has a confident appearance on stage and TV. The diverse, entertaining facets of the extraordinary Klingon language can enrich any format.

Wer Isses?​

In der ersten Folge des neuen TV-Ratespiels auf Pro Sieben trat Lieven Litaer am 27. Februar 2024 als einer der Kandidaten auf, die eine unglaubliche Geschichte erzählten. Das Rateteam sollte erraten, ob er wirklich „fließend Klingonisch“ spricht.

Guckst Du?! Kayas große Kinoshow​

In spring 2018, Lieven Litaer was invited to Kaya Yanar and was allowed to teach Klingon to prominent guests Bülent Ceylan and Henning Baum in an entertaining quiz.

5 Gegen Jauch

In March 2017, Litaer was invited as an expert for the celebrity special of the quiz show “5 Gegen Jauch” to solve one of the quiz questions. None of those involved could answer the question of which literary work was translated into Klingon. Litaer was able to explain what the language was all about, was able to spontaneously translate some interesting sentences to the moderator Oliver Pocher and quoted a few lines from the Klingon Hamlet.

The show is not available online.

Auftritt bei 5 Gegen Jauch

Miss Wildcard

In the entertainment documentary on the private broadcaster Sky 1 HD in June 2017, Litaer was allowed to teach comedienne Lena Liebkind Klingon in preparation for her role as Miss Klingon.

The show is not available online.

Live! Planet People

On the occasion of LuxCon 2017, Litaer was invited to the Luxembourg RTL and was able to appear in the live broadcast “Live! Planet People” about the convention, about his work and about his new book.

TV total

Litaer achieved his first major TV appearance when he was invited to Stefan Raab's entertainment show "TV total" in February 2013. He was able to cleverly counter Raab's initial skepticism and was quickly able to convince him that Klingon is more than a simple game for nerds. Due to his apparently great interest, Stefan Raab exceeded the planned broadcast time, so that the conversation continued until the end credits.

Sag die Wahrheit

At a time when Litaer was still relatively unknown to the public, he was discovered by WDR in 2005 as an interesting candidate for the advice program “Tell the Truth”. He was able to present his strange hobby and the prominent guests were allowed to guess whether this hobby was real.

The show is not available online.